White Bear – Dakota Sioux Tribe


White Bear – Dakota Sioux Tribe White Bear, a/k/a Tom Frosted, was a chief of the Lower Yanktonais at Standing Rock. He and his family is listed there in the 1876 census. The name Mato Ska/White Bear also appears in the 1885 records. There he is listed in Chief Eagle That Scares band of the Lower Yanktonais.



The Sioux Tribe

White Bear – Dakota Sioux Tribe Summary and Definition: The Sioux tribe fiercely resisted the white encroachment of the Great Plains. The names of the most famous chiefs who led the Sioux tribe into battle were Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Chief Gall, Crazy Horse, Rain in the Face, and Kicking Bear. Famous conflicts included the Sioux Wars (1854 – 1890), Red Cloud’s War (1865–1868), the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn and the 1890 Ghost Dance turmoil.


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